Proper space
Proper space
erotic surfaces & set design
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about us


„Sexuality is a product of society, of its practices and discourses through which we are positioned. Sexuality is not an attribute of people, to be pictured or re-imagined. It is a set of effects and positions which artistic practices confront, are implicated in, or may dislocate in the way in which they produce positions for viewers and authors for the artistic text. "

Griselda Pollock

We are three Berlin based artists who have been working on several scenic projects. We have been collecting our experiences in order to contribute to the field and to the development of the erotic space.

We started a line of work that invites a reflection on erotism: a reflexion on the influence of gender on space, as well as the influence of space on gender. As space makes things visible and happening, it is complexe transcription of and guide for social practices. we are experimenting with it.

Our goal is to achieve a place for scenic interrogation, deconstruction, distortion and displacement with a strong suggestive potential and to use it as a springboard to free speculation

Angela, Konstanze, Juliette